episodes featuring James Bilsbrough

James has worked in technology for most of his adult-life, mostly in the support space. He’s a proud nerd who isn’t afraid to tell you he knows far more about Federation starships than one would normally expect.

James and Nick recording this episode of Crossed Wires

Experimenting with Linux

James is joined by Nick from The Linux Experiment to take a look at what exactly Linux is, what you can do with it, and why it may and may not be a great alternative to Windows or macOS.

Jae, Berzerker, and James recording this episode of the podcast.

Make Community, and Warcraft

James and Jae talk with Berzerker of Unshackled Fury about World of Warcraft and finding/creating community in MMORPGs.

Tom and James recording this episode.

Open (Source) for Business

James is joined by Tom Lawrence, the number one auto-complete result for pfSense videos on YouTube, to talk Open Source software and how it can be used within business.

James, Jeff, and Jae recording this episode.

Purple MacBook

Jae and James are joined by Jeff Butts from The Mac Observer to dissect some of Apple’s recent product updates, including the new M2-powered Macs!

Gedeon and James recording this episode via SquadCast

Ollie, Space Karen, and an API

James is joined by Iconfactory principal and designer, Gedeon Maheux to talk about the week that saw Twitter nuke API access for the 3rd party apps such as Twitterrific.

James, Jae, and Noah recording this episode.

Steam Life on Deck

Jae and James are joined by Noah Kupetsky, the founder of Steam Deck HQ, to talk about Valve’s amazing portable, Linux powered, gaming device and how it’s shaken up PC gaming in a way not seen for quite some time. As a bonus, James recorded this episode entirely on his Steam Deck.

Jae, James, and Catherine recording this episode on SquadCast

Something, Something, Blockchain

James and Jae are joined by Dr Catherine Flick to discuss the ethics of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the wider blockchain. This is a no holds barred discussion of our thoughts on such a widely misunderstood and abused technology.

Zachariah and James recording this podcast episode.

What’s New With SquadCast

Jame is joined again by Zachariah Moreno from SquadCast to get the latest on how things are going, including V5 and some exciting future plans.

A photo of Sean, James, Steve and Dan recording this episode. Dan is holding a NextCube panel.

A Discussion of Macintosh

James is joined by a truly nerdy Macintosh panel featuring returning guests Dan Vincent andSean from Action Retro, and new guest Steve from Mac84. We chat about our love of Macintosh, collecting, and our views on Apple in 2022.

A photo of James and Andrew recording this episode.

The Theatre of Social Media

James chats with theatre director and iPad artist, Andrew Keates about how the pandemic impacted theatre, his iPad artwork, and some very deep discussion of social media’s negative impacts on society and individuals.