Episode 077 - Crushing it - Photos of James, Jae, and Alex
Crossed Wires
Crushing It!
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We love technology, both old and new, and want to explore how it can be used in positive and ethical ways. Check out our podcasts, videos, and live streams.

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Crushing It!

James and Jae are joined by Alex Lowe for another Apple Event roundup. We look at all the new iPad goodness, play ‘Choose The Pencil’ and even explain why WiFi 7 being AWOL isn’t such a big deal.

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Hosting a Mastodon

James and Jae are joined by Hugo, the one man army behind Masto.host, to talk about the challenges that come with hosting multiple Mastodon instances for a wide range of communities. We also explore why having your own instance may be something to consider.

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James, Jae, Zack and Catherine recording this episode of Crossed Wires

Educating AI

James and Jae are joined by returning guests, Prof. Catherine Flick and Zack, to talk about the challenges of AI in academia, and how taking a ChatGPT shaped shortcut nearly cost Zack his high-school graduation.

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Nirav and James recording this episode of Crossed Wires

Framing a Better Laptop

James is joined by Nirav Patel, the founder and CEO of Framework, to talk about how important ‘Right to Repair’ is and the value we should all be placing on sustainable and upgradeable technology. Of course, we discuss the Framework laptop and what this uniquely customisable and upgradable notebook brings to the market.

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James and Gideon recording this episode.

Weaving a Tapestry

James is joined again by Gedeon Maheux from The Iconfactory. This time we’re talking the Project Tapestry KickStarter, designing apps, as well as random diversions to Star Trek, Stargate, AI, and of course some good old Apple talk!

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James, Jon, and Jae recording this episode.


James and Jae are joined by Jon von Tetzchner, the CEO of Vivaldi. Jon shares his experience with building two different browsers, the early days of the browser-scape, and why we need to regulate or flat out ban the increasing profiling of users on the web.

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