Tom and James recording this episode.

Open (Source) for Business

James is joined by Tom Lawrence, the number one auto-complete result for pfSense videos on YouTube, to talk Open Source software and how it can be used within business.
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Show Notes

If your experience in business IT has, like mine, been very heavily focussed on Microsoft’s ecosystem and lots of propriety systems that have a strong “Don’t look behind the curtain” vibe to them then my guest today may help shine some light on how open source solutions can be a great fit in the business.

It’s my pleasure to have Tom join us, having been a fan of his YouTube content for quite some time. He’s become one of the most recognised sources of knowledge for the wonderful open-source firewall project, pfSense, and sharing valuable insights on other projects such as XCP-ng, TrueNAS, and many more.

We take a look at what we mean by open source, why many businesses still prefer closed source solutions from big names, the security considerations of both closed and open source projects, and talk a bit about Pop!_os by System76.

What’s been your experience with open-source solutions, particularly in business, have you had any good or bad experiences you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you, so please send a note to [email protected], leave a comment on the post, or join the discussion on our Discord server.

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Episode Links

Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:07:48: What Does Open Source Actually Mean?
  3. 00:16:06: A Bit On XCP NG
  4. 00:19:04: The Attachment to Closed Source Solutions
  5. 00:25:57: What About Google?
  6. 00:31:41: Microsoft Loves Open Source?
  7. 00:33:28: Cloud vs On Premise
  8. 00:43:17: Software Bill of Materials
  9. 00:49:14: Tech YouTubers
  10. 00:51:31: A PopOS! Confession
  11. 00:59:16: Wrapping Up


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