James Bilsbrough (He/Him)

Co-Host / Content Producer
I'm a Christian nerd, sci-fi geek, graphic designer, and content producer. I'm also a support ninja for hire; I've worked in tech for over 10 years and I genuinely enjoy helping people.

Jae Bloom (She/Her)

Co-Host / Streaming Co-Ordinator
I'm a Christian Trans Woman who is a geek, incredibly quirky, and just loves to make people smile while talking about geeky things. I also come out with occasional puns.

Crossed Wires, in its current form, was launched in March of 2022 and is a series of podcast episodes, videos, live streams, and blog posts that are all dedicated to looking at tech in a positive light and finding products and services that solve genuine problems, as well as looking at people doing positive and interesting things with technology.

We try to bring a balanced set of voices to all of our content and one of our primary goals is to welcome everyone to join the discussion. After all, technology is something we should all be able to enjoy.

Our Core Values

The team at Crossed Wires have some shared values that we will always abide by in our content:

Honesty and Transparency

    • We’ll always be up-front if we’re doing paid promotion in our content, as well as when we use affiliate links. Though, of course, we can’t share financial figures.

    • If we make a mistake in our content, we’ll own that mistake, make sure we correct it and apologise where that’s appropriate.

    • If we inadvertently cause an offence, we’ll make sure we address this and learn from our mistakes. All we ask in return is to understand that we’re all human and do make mistakes.

Accuracy & Quality

    • Our team will always do our best to research topics for our content, and where possible we’ll clarify any information we need to with the manufacturer or service provider (though, of course, we can’t guarantee they’ll respond).

    • We don’t do ‘click-bait’ content, we want our content to be genuine and informative.

    • We’ll always strive for the highest production values that our budgets permit.

    • We may decide to delay the release of content if we’re not 100% happy with it. If that happens, we’ll be up-front and post this on our Mastodon feed.

Podcast Directories

You can find Crossed Wires on all of these great services and one of our favourites is Goodpods, because of the interaction we can have with our listeners through their app.