Crossed Wires

A technology podcast that aims to take a positive look at technology and computing. We aim to have genuinely engaging chats with folks doing interesting things in tech that make a positive impact.

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A photo of Jack, represented by the EOS webcam utility, Sam, and James recording this episode on SquadCast

Rewinding the DV Tape

James is joined by Jack and Sam who dipped their toes into creating video using a late 90s MiniDV camera along with classic versions of Final Cut Pro and iMovie, as well as shooting photos with some truly classic film cameras.

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Jae, Craig, and James recording this episode.

Be Our (Podcast) Host

For our 50th episode, Jae and James are joined by Craig Hewitt, founder of Castos, to talk all about podcast hosting and all the challenges that come along with distributing a podcast like ours.

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James and Nancy recording this episode.

Tech for the Elderly

James is joined by Nancy May from the Eldercare Success podcast to talk all about how we can use technology to help with the care of elderly relatives, as well as help them avoid scams, and keep tech simple for the older tech users in our lives.

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James and Chris recording this episode.


James is joined by Chris Adams from climateaction. tech and The Green Web Foundation to discuss how technology impacts the enviornment, and how we can evaluate our own usage of tech to make a positive impact.

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Jae, James, and Bradly recording this episode of the podcast.

Heartfelt Streaming

Bradly of The American Heart Association joins James and Jae to discuss charity fundraising on Twitch. We discussed how streaming could help raise money for charitable organisations online. We also discuss heart health and how technology can help/hinder one of the most vital organs in our body.

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