A photo of Sean, James, Steve and Dan recording this episode. Dan is holding a NextCube panel.

A Discussion of Macintosh

James is joined by a truly nerdy Macintosh panel featuring returning guests Dan Vincent andSean from Action Retro, and new guest Steve from Mac84. We chat about our love of Macintosh, collecting, and our views on Apple in 2022.
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Show Notes

With the Macintosh having such a long history, and Apple doing so much over the platform’s life I wanted to get a panel together to discuss all things Mac collecting and our thoughts on past and present.

I’m really pleased to be joined by returning guests Dan Vincent and Sean from Action Retro, as well as new guest Steve from Mac84TV. We had a truly enjoyable and insightful chat about Apple’s world-changing computer.

As well as plenty of comedic moments, our improvised ‘Desert Island Mac’ spot, and plenty of tangents, we talk about our ‘Report Cards’ for Apple in 2022 (at least at the point we recorded back in October), and what got the panel into collecting Macs.

This is a bit of a longer episode, but I really hope you enjoy this panel style episode We’ll absolutely be doing more episodes like this going forward.

— James

Do you have memories of classic Macs, maybe you’ve been there the whole journey, or have a favourite Mac you’d love to tell us about. We’d love to hear from you, so send a note over to [email protected], leave a comment on the post, or start a discussion in Goodpods.

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Episode Links

Due to the current state of Twitter, we’re not actively promoting Twitter links where possible. Thankfully, all of our guests are on Mastodon, so please do find them there

Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:07:17: What Got You Into Macintosh?
  3. 00:17:13: A Mobile GPS Diversion
  4. 00:25:13: Mac Collections
  5. 00:48:27: From Beleaguered to PowerPC and Intel
  6. 01:02:59: Apple’s Report Card
  7. 01:22:09: Desert Island Mac
  8. 01:32:24: Windows Competition?
  9. 01:34:52: Wrapping Up


Intro and closing theme: Ace of Clubs by RoccoW

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