James, Evan, Alex and Jae recording this episode.

The UniFi Appreciation Show

You've heard us wax lyrical about how much we love UniFi, the easy to use networking and more ecosystem from Ubiquiti. We're joined by Alex and Evan, the hosts of UI Chat, to look at why UniFi's offering is so powerful and look at some of the gotchas and things to be aware of.
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Show Notes

You’ll have heard James and Jae wax lyrical about their love for the UniFi line of networking gear on our live streams and in past episodes with Alex, as well as with Cody from MacTelecom Networks, but this episode is a fairly deep look into why we love UniFi.

We’re joined by Alex Lowe and Evan McCann, the hosts of UI Chat, a monthly Ubiquiti focussed podcast that is definitely our go-to resource for the latest news from the UniFi maker. 

We talk about some of the new products, though it’s worth mentioning that this episode was recorded in mid-December 2023 and so pre-dates the new U7 Pro and Swiss Army Knife Ultra access points, as well as the new Pro Max switches.

Have you used UniFi at home or at work, or maybe you disagree with our views and prefer [insert other brand name here] for your network. We’d love to hear from you, so please send us a note to [email protected], or why not come join the discussion on our Discord server.

If you liked this episode or any of our content, we’d greatly appreciate any little bit of support you can throw our way over at our Ko-Fi page.

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  • UI Chat on Apple Podcasts
  • The Interface – Alex’s great tech news site
  • McCann Tech – Evan’s blog with wonderful deep dives on UniFi gear
  • UniFi Products
    • Express – The new all-in-one gateway, controller, and access point that Jae now uses to replace her previous eero setup.
    • Dream Router – The R2D2 like gateway, switch, controller and access point that James uses
    • Talk – Affordable VoIP platform which has less features than a traditional PBX, but is incredibly easy to configure.
  • Meet UniFi (YouTube Playlist) – The Jack Quaid (aka Lt. Bradwert Boimler) UniFi ads

Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:05:42: A UniFi Overview
  3. 00:21:17: Routing 
  4. 00:25:30: No Subscriptions
  5. 00:27:11: The UniFi Magic 
  6. 00:37:20: Switches, Switches, Switches 
  7. 00:38:58: WiFi Standards 
  8. 00:44:21: UniFi Express 
  9. 01:01:49: UniFi Talk & Protect 
  10. 01:24:26: PPSK 
  11. 01:26:25: Wrapping Up


Intro and outro theme: Ace of Clubs by RoccoW

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