Sascz, Jae, and James recording this episode on SquadCast

CyberSecurity 101

Jae and James are joined by good friend Alexander (aka Sascz) to take a crash course on some of the common terms in CyberSecurity, as well as exploring the importance of multi-factor authentication, good password hygiene, and modern ways to authenticating with systems and services.
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Show Notes

As we hear more stories of systems and services being compromised by malicious attackers, often simply referred to as ‘hackers’, we need to be aware of the basics of how these attacks work and what we should be looking out for in our daily tech lives.

We’re probably all fed up of the increasing complexity of logging into our favourite websites and apps, but the reality is that passwords, multi-factor authentication and now ‘passwordless’ ways of proving our online identity are more important than ever.

Talking with Sascz, we try to address some of the common questions around keeping ourselves safe in a digital world, as well as wincing at some of the painful examples we’ve seen of bad security habits that make even 16309, 12345, or 000 Destruct 0 look like strong password choices.

This is absolutely an episode where we want to hear your feedback, your experiences, and maybe things you’ve learned from our discussion. Maybe you have a different viewpoint on some of the things we’ve raised, so please send a note over to [email protected], leave a comment on the post, or join the discussion over on our Discord server

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Episode Links

Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:02:16: AFFILIATE PROMO: Linode
  3. 00:03:12: Guest Intro – Alexander
  4. 00:08:27: An Old Problem
  5. 00:11:51: Vulnerabilities
  6. 00:15:10: Social Engineering
  7. 00:26:38: Being Mindful of Social Media Posts
  8. 00:31:44: Software Updates
  9. 00:36:47: Endpoint Security
  10. 00:40:15: Protecting the Average User
  11. 00:47:42: Protecting Our Phones
  12. 00:56:26: Whole Disk Encryption
  13. 00:57:20: Multi Factor Authentication
  14. 01:04:58: Passwords Matter
  15. 01:10:48: Strong Passwords & Password Generation
  16. 01:20:50: Corporate Authentication
  17. 01:26:37: Zero Trust
  18. 01:28:00: Password Managers
  19. 01:38:17: Passwordless
  20. 01:45:18: Wrapping Up


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