episodes featuring Alex Lowe

Alex, James, and Jae recording this episode on SquadCast

WWDC 2023

Better late than never, our epic #WWDC2023 episode is ready for your listening pleasure. James and Jae are joined by friend of the show, Alex Lowe, to discuss the key points from Apple’s latest event.

Wireless Functionality

Jae and James are joined by good friend of the show, Alex, to take a deep dive into the hows and whys of WiFi. We chat about mesh, the problems with boosters / extenders, and look at what you can to do improve your existing setup if you can’t upgrade your WiFi gear.

A photo of Alex and James recording this episode.

On The Road to EVs

I talk to Alex Lowe from The Interface all about where we are in 2022 with the availability and affordability of electric vehicles, particularly in the consume space.

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Cloud Controlled

Following up from our UniFi geek-out, Alex from HostIFi joins me to talk a bit more about their hosted UniFi controller offering, as well as a little bit more UniFi talk.