A photo taking during recording showing Alex, Jae, and James recording this episode.

Lightning Be Gone

Yes, we're back! Your Apple Event dream team of Jae, James, and Alex gather on SquadCast to discuss Apple's recent event and our thoughts on the new iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and of course the Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2.
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Show Notes

Before we go into this week’s new episode, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience whilst both Jae and James have had what can only be described as an insanely busy (and great!) summer. We’re planning to keep new episodes coming out weekly going forward, and we really do have some great episodes already recorded.

We sat down to record with good friend of the show, Alex Lowe of The Interface, to take a look at Apple’s most recent event and their new iPhone and Watch product lines. We’ve tried to focus on the big features, rather than rattle through the entire keynote verbatim, and we really hope you enjoy our analysis.

We’d love to hear from you, so please send us a note to [email protected], or why not come join the discussion on our Discord server.

If you liked this episode or any of our content, we’d greatly appreciate any little bit of support you can throw our way over at our Ko-Fi page.

Affiliate Promotion: Backblaze

With macOS Sonoma recently released, in fact on the day we recorded this episode, it’s always important to remind ourselves to ensure we have good backups before any major system update. 

Our friends at Backblaze make backing up your Mac, or even your Windows PC, incredibly easy with truly automated backups with simple restoration should anything happen. Their recent pricing change means that now for just $9 / month per computer everyone gets the same great unlimited storage but now with a year of file history at no extra cost.

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Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:00: Podcast Promo: Creator Spotlight
  2. 00:00:30: Introductions
  3. 00:03:43: What Did We Buy or Not Buy?
  4. 00:06:18: Event Thoughts
  5. 00:16:52: Apple Watch
  6. 00:28:48: iPhone 15 / 15 Pro
  7. 01:10:16: Wrapping Up


Intro and outro theme: Ace of Clubs by RoccoW

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