episodes featuring Jae Bloom

A photo of Jae, Pat and James recording this episode of the podcast.
Amazon S3

Cloud Backup & Storage

James and Jae are joined by Pat Patterson, the Chief Technical Evangelist at Backblaze to discuss all things backup and cloud storage.

A photo of Helen, James, and Jae recording this episode.
Digital Identity

Digital Identity

It’s our great pleasure to have Helen Horstmann-Allen, Fastmail’s COO, with us this week to chat about email and how it fits into our digital identities and our online privacy.

Amanda, Jae, and James recording this episode.

Floating Hippy Villages

Jae’s back in the host seat to welcome Amanda to the show, we talk all about freelancing and how technology can both help and hinder it.

Drew, James, and Jae recording this episode

Sleep With Us

Jae and James talk with Drew of the ‘Sleep With Me’ podcast about his show that, literally, puts people to sleep. We also talk about how technology can help, as well as hamper, our ability to sleep.

A photo of Jae and James recording this episode.

Apple Event Ultra

James and Jae sit down to record their thoughts of the Apple Event from 7th September 2022.

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Dub Dub Dee Cee

Two weeks have passed since WWDC 2022, so James and Frazley sit down to discuss the things that really got us excited about all of Apple’s latest announcements