Amanda, Jae, and James recording this episode.

Floating Hippy Villages

Jae's back in the host seat to welcome Amanda to the show, we talk all about freelancing and how technology can both help and hinder it.
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Show Notes

Amanda Sloan is a friend I’ve known for years, actually longer than I’ve known James; I’ve known both for a long time. Amanda and I first met when I replied to her tweet about a hippy village floating on the water. I once met her and her partner Thom for coffee when they came through my state; I also worked with Amanda on the podcast network Dragon Powered Studios.

Amanda co-runs Geek Herring, is a writer, does workshops and more. She also streams on Twitch in her off-hours, but gosh knows how she has the time. She also works in freelance, which is one of the reasons we asked her to come and chat to us for this episode.

We’d love to hear about your freelancing experiences or any questions you may have, so please leave a comment below, email us via [email protected] or start a discussion over Goodpods.

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Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:06:10: Freelance Copywriting
  3. 00:10:37: Starting Out Freelancing
  4. 00:15:04: Freelancing Tools
  5. 00:22:30: How Can Tech Hurt Freelancers
  6. 00:28:04: Keeping Client Logins Safe
  7. 00:31:44: Doing Things Differently?
  8. 00:36:32: Recognising Your Limitations
  9. 00:39:04: Dealing With Awkward Clients
  10. 00:46:53: Advice For New Freelancers?
  11. 00:51:45: Wrapping Up


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