Drew, James, and Jae recording this episode

Sleep With Us

Jae and James talk with Drew of the 'Sleep With Me' podcast about his show that, literally, puts people to sleep. We also talk about how technology can help, as well as hamper, our ability to sleep.
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Show Notes

It’s my first time hosting a podcast since my 19 months hiatus from my former show. I had a great time returning to podcasting, and I believe James wasn’t too disappointed in my skills. Our guest was someone I was going to interview on my previous show but sadly didn’t have the chance to at the time due to a job change that took my time away from podcasting.

We talked with Drew Ackerman about his podcast, along with clarifying what the name means! We also discussed various things that can help our ability to sleep, but can also inhibit our ability to properly sleep. We had such a great time recording, and we believe you will enjoy listening to this one if you don’t fall asleep part way through.

We’d love to hear your sleep stories, and any apps you may find helpful, so please leave a comment below, email us via [email protected] or start a discussion over Goodpods.

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Episode Links

Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:06:29: Tech In The Bedroom
  3. 00:15:54: Eating Late?
  4. 00:20:19: What You Sleep On
  5. 00:30:38: The Demise Of Radio
  6. 00:41:24: Sleep Apps
  7. 00:46:24: Wrapping Up


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