episodes featuring Gedeon Maheux

James and Gideon recording this episode.

Weaving a Tapestry

James is joined again by Gedeon Maheux from The Iconfactory. This time we’re talking the Project Tapestry KickStarter, designing apps, as well as random diversions to Star Trek, Stargate, AI, and of course some good old Apple talk!

James and Gedeon recording this episode.

A Good Day to Podcast!

Podcasts, the final frontier. These are the musings of James and Gedeon, their just over an hour’s mission to boldly talk about Star Trek like so many have done before. Engage!

Gedeon and James recording this episode via SquadCast

Ollie, Space Karen, and an API

James is joined by Iconfactory principal and designer, Gedeon Maheux to talk about the week that saw Twitter nuke API access for the 3rd party apps such as Twitterrific.