Wireless Functionality

Jae and James are joined by good friend of the show, Alex, to take a deep dive into the hows and whys of WiFi. We chat about mesh, the problems with boosters / extenders, and look at what you can to do improve your existing setup if you can't upgrade your WiFi gear.
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Show Notes

We’ve all had those moments, when the WiFi signal drops right in the middle of our favourite episode, or in that long-overdue catch up call with a friend or family member. But, do we know why our WiFi can drop out, or do we simply refer to any internet issues as “The WiFi is down again!” when really it’s a problem with the ISP and nothing to do with our home WiFi network.

Our guest, and good friend of the show, Alex has worked with wireless technologies for quite some time and kindly agreed to give a fair chunk of his time to help us explore some of the common myths around WiFi, the history of the technology, how mesh WiFi is a far better solution than the plethora of range extenders and boosters that really don’t help a poor WiFi signal.

What’s your experience with the wonderful world of WiFi, do you have any burning questions you want us to address, or pro tips you’ve found for your own setup? We’d love to hear from you, so please send us a note to [email protected], or why not come join the disscussion on our Discord server.

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Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:01: Adopt a Listener
  2. 00:01:07: Introductions
  3. 00:07:27: What Does WiFi Stand For?
  4. 00:08:15: History of WiFi
  5. 00:14:09: WiFi 6E
  6. 00:14:50: Frequencies
  7. 00:19:27: WiFi Router vs Access Point
  8. 00:21:21: Crowded WiFi
  9. 00:23:28: HomePods and WiFi 4
  10. 00:25:43: Ethernet Is Always Better
  11. 00:29:41: Common WiFi Misunderstandings
  12. 00:37:08: Is Wireless Dangerous?
  13. 00:41:42: WiFi Extenders & Boosters
  14. 00:46:37: Mesh WiFi
  15. 01:00:45: Should You Replace Your ISP Router
  16. 01:05:34: Subscription Features
  17. 01:07:35: UniFi Dream Router Pricing
  18. 01:10:18: HomeKit Routers
  19. 01:13:53: WISPS
  20. 01:24:49: Making The Most of Your Existing WiFi
  21. 01:29:54: Understanding WiFi Channels
  22. 01:35:44: Too Much Mesh?
  23. 01:39:16: MU-MIMO
  24. 01:40:30: “Gaming” Routers?
  25. 01:43:30: Guest Networks
  26. 01:49:11: Wrapping Up


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