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Scam Busting

James talks to (Krazy) Ken from The Computer Clan all about his efforts to debunk scam technology products and their shady marketing techniques.
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Show Notes

Suppose you’ve watched any amount of online video, particularly on YouTube. In that case, you’ll likely have seen those ads for the ‘miracle’ tech products that claim to be able to do anything from cut your power bills to turning your internet up to 11. In reality, most of these are scams and don’t meet even half of the claims they make.

That’s why I invited Krazy Ken all the way from the secret Computer Clan lair to come and talk to us about his efforts to debunk these scams on his YouTube channel.

I’ve been a fan of Ken’s content for some time, particularly his scam busing series where he not only proves these scams don’t work but actually gets into why they can’t work. It was a genuine pleasure to have Ken on the show, I’m always really grateful when ‘larger’ creators are willing to come and chat on our fledgling show.

I really hope you enjoy this episode, I’d love to hear your stories of products that may not have lived up to their marketing, or if you’ve seen blatant tech scams online. This is exactly the sort of thing we want to help educate people on, to make being online and using tech safer for everyone.

Episode Links

Links are little light this episode, mostly because I don’t want to give any extra traffic to any of the scam products we mention!

Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:05: Introductions
  2. 00:04:25: The Rise of Scam Tech
  3. 00:09:50: Dissecting The Scam Tech
  4. 00:15:06: Fake Backstories
  5. 00:16:21: The StarScope Saga
  6. 00:18:53: Most Interesting Scams
  7. 00:25:49: Classic Mac Diversion
  8. 00:27:02: Scam Spotting Checklist
  9. 00:43:55: Wrapping Up


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