James and Nancy recording this episode.

Tech for the Elderly

James is joined by Nancy May from the Eldercare Success podcast to talk all about how we can use technology to help with the care of elderly relatives, as well as help them avoid scams, and keep tech simple for the older tech users in our lives.
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Show Notes

Whilst many of us have grown up with technology being such a core part of our lives, often glued to our devices for far more of the day than we’d like to admit, the older generations have had technology thrust upon them without nearly enough though about how to make it accessible.

My guest this week is Nancy May of the Eldercare Success podcast; we have a chat about how technology can be used to help with the care of elderly relatives, how we can keep our older tech users safe online, how even the simplest gadgets can help in a care situation, and possibly most importantly we look at the concept of the accessibility of modern services which are taken over by digital payments, self-service checkouts, and ask the question if we’re doing tech for tech’s sake.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how tech can be both a blessing and a problem for the older generation, especially if you have stories to share. Why not send a note over to [email protected], leave a comment on the post, or join the discussion over on our Discord server

Affiliate Promotion

During this episode, we talked a lot about keeping things simple for our older tech users. One of the most critical parts of our digital lives is ensuring we have proper backups of our treasured memories within our photos, videos, and many other documents and messages. Our friends at Backblaze provide a simple, set-and-forget, unlimited cloud-based backup solution for just $7 / month, why not start your 15-day free trial here.

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Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:00: Podcast Recommendation: Art Heals All Wounds
  2. 00:00:36: Introductions
  3. 00:09:24: A Quick POA Primer
  4. 00:10:42: Aggressive Marketing & Scams
  5. 00:28:32: Elder Care Home Hacks
  6. 00:35:35: TVs & Remotes
  7. 00:39:49: Smart Home & Voice Assistants
  8. 00:47:08: The Problem with Wearables
  9. 00:48:51: The Accessibility of Services
  10. 01:05:50: Tech for Tech’s Sake?
  11. 01:14:04: Wrapping Up
  12. 01:16:59: PODCAST TRAILER: Art Heals All Wounds


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