Nirav and James recording this episode of Crossed Wires

Framing a Better Laptop

James is joined by Nirav Patel, the founder and CEO of Framework, to talk about how important ‘Right to Repair’ is and the value we should all be placing on sustainable and upgradeable technology. Of course, we discuss the Framework laptop and what this uniquely customisable and upgradable notebook brings to the market.
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Show Notes

If you’ve ever purchased a new laptop, you’ll know only too well the pain of configuring your new system to get your dream setup. With some manufacturers, looking at you here Apple, your choice of storage and memory are there for the lifetime of the laptop.

Worst still, if you have a failed component on your laptop you’re often faced with expensive and proprietary repair options that can often cost nearly as much as the laptop itself.

Nirav Patel founded Framework to tackle these issues by creating laptops that push the boundaries of what we’d expect to be upgradable in our modern thin and light world.

What do you think about the Framework laptop, is it something that may be on your tech wish list? Do you think laptops, and tech in general, should last longer than a podcast episode? We’d love to hear from you, so please send us a note to [email protected], or why not come join the discussion on our Discord server.

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Chapter Times

  • 00:00:04: Introductions
  • 00:02:15: Right to Repair & Sustainability
  • 00:05:38: Upgrading a Mobile Platform
  • 00:08:42: The Framework Laptop
  • 00:11:05: Linus Drop Tips
  • 00:12:48: Modular IO
  • 00:15:52: Memory & Storage
  • 00:16:50: Main board and more ?
  • 00:18:47: Framework 16 Input Deck
  • 00:21:28: Reusing a Framework Mainboard
  • 00:23:35: Framework 16 GPU
  • 00:26:07: Linux Support
  • 00:27:53: Final Thoughts from Nirav
  • 00:29:30: Wrapping Up


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