A photo of James and Sean recording this episode.

Action Packed Retro

I chat with Sean, aka Action Retro, all about his shenanigans pushing vintage computers beyond any reasonable limits, and using floppy-disks in a RAID array!
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Show Notes

One of the things that frustrate me the most about my eyesight issues, along with a few other problems, is that I can’t tinker with hardware as much as I’d like to. So, when I discovered Action Retro on YouTube, I admit I became hooked on Sean’s videos of doing unthinkable things to old Macs and many other systems.

Sean and I discuss what inspired him to get started with his channel, some of his more exciting systems to work with, as well as a slightly random detour to talk about Mike Judge’s inspiration for Office Space. Sean also shares some valuable tips for those wanting to tinker with vintage systems.

We’d love to hear your stories of crazy upgrades you’ve done to vintage tech, so please do leave a comment below, email us via [email protected] or start a discussion over on Goodpods.

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Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:02:26: Floppy RAID
  3. 00:04:29: Pushing Vintage Tech To The Limits
  4. 00:11:22: Weirdest System?
  5. 00:14:50: A Thing For PowerPC
  6. 00:18:33: The Mike Judge Connection
  7. 00:20:25: Challenges
  8. 00:23:46: Most Time-Consuming Project?
  9. 00:28:47: Getting Old Systems Online
  10. 00:39:17: Wrapping Up


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