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Why Not Blind Accessibility?

Accessibility is something we're very passionate about here, after all both James and Jae have their own challenges. So, it was an absolute pleasure to chat with Brandon Cole (aka SuperBlindMan) to chat all about how video games can be accessible to those with a wide range of vision issues.
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Show Notes

Accessibility is essential to allow everyone to enjoy experiences that they may have, in the past, missed out on due to a lack of vision, a lack of hearing, or so many other factors.

As many of you will know, both Jae and James are visually impaired, and so making one of our favourite pastimes more accessible for those with a wide range of sight conditions is a truly exciting topic for us. 

So, Jae reached out to Brandon Cole, an incredibly talented and respected accessibility consultant with credits within the Forza series, not to mention his incredible work on The Last of Us games, so we could sit down and have a chat about all of the work he does as well as a discussion on why accessibility for the blind and visually impaired poses many challenges we may not have considered before.

Do you have any experience with accessibility features in games, or maybe the lack of them? We’d love to hear from you, so please send us a note to [email protected], or why not come join the discussion on our Discord server.

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Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:04: Introductions
  2. 00:03:36: Why is Gaming Accessibility Important?
  3. 00:08:37: Blind vs Visual Impairement
  4. 00:13:25: Game Studio Attitudes
  5. 00:21:13: Channels of Information
  6. 00:31:04: Unfair Advantage?
  7. 00:36:06: Controls
  8. 00:43:14: What Has Driven Accesibility Forward?
  9. 00:50:26: A Good Day’s Pay
  10. 00:53:19: Accesible Retro Gaming?
  11. 00:58:42: What’s Missing?
  12. 01:06:30: Wrapping Up


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