The Crossed Wires Community Rules of Engagement

The following rules apply to our Discord, Twitch, Patreon & Ko-Fi community spaces.

Core Tenant of Respect

Please be kind, respectful and AWESOME to everyone. We will not condone mean things said to other people. There is a person, with feelings, behind that other user you are talking to. No sexism, no hatred of someone’s orientation (gay, bi, pan, etc), no hatred of someone’s identity (such as being trans and non-binary), no racism, no body shaming, no furry hate, no bullying, etc. We won’t tolerate it here. You will respect others for who they are. We have many members of our community who are queer! 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

Age Requirement

We are an 18+ community. This does NOT mean we have explicit content on our streams, videos, or in our chat spaces. We just need to protect everyone’s safety and so we can’t allow anyone under 18 in our community chat / discussions.

Respect of Identities

Please be respectful of our team’s identities:

  • Jae goes by the pronouns She/Her. Please refrain from referring to her in gendered masculine terms like bro/man/sir/dude. Feminine and gender-neutral terms are 100% OK
  • James’ pronouns are he/him.
  • Please respect the identities of other people in our community.

Religion & Faith

This is a tough one, as both Jae and James are Christians, however because not everyone has the same views and sadly religion has the ability to spark hatred, very strong opinions, and potentially being a trigger for trauma in individuals based on past experiences, we’re going ask the community to avoid in-depth discussion. It’s absolutely okay to talk about going to Church or other places of worship, and to wish those who celebrate a happy religious holiday, but we ask everyone to avoid ‘preaching’.


Gender identity and sexual orientation shouldn’t be political topics. However we recognise that people will have differing views on political opinions around the world and thus we think it wise to avoid political discussions in our stream chats. We will allow civil discussions of politics around tech topics, but The Moderation Federation reserves the right to intervene if things get too heated. This does not include gender identity and sexual orientation, those are allowed in a respectful manner.

System Wars

Although James and Jae are advocates of Apple products, we do not condone System Wars. Everyone has a reason for liking the systems they use. We allow genuine discussion–however we do not condone an Us vs Them mentality when it comes to consoles, systems, apps, etc.

Ableist Language

There are many words that may have triggering connotations for individuals. We wish to make a welcoming community and ask you to please refrain from using ableist language. Here is a good resource on ableist language and replacements for them.

Discord Specific Rules

  • Joining The Server: To join our Discord server, please either post a message in the waiting-room, email us at [email protected] or message us via ModMail on Discord. We would like to know where you found us (as in where you found the link to the community) and a tiny bit about yourself so we know you’re not a robot – you don’t have to go into too much detail, and aliases are absolutely fine here.
  • DMing other Members: Please be mindful before DMing someone in our communities. We ask you to politely ask before DMing as these can sometimes feel very intimate, and harder to help keep an eye on if anything happens. If a member of our community makes you uncomfortable in a DM please contact The Crossed Wires Team or The Moderation Federation, and we will investigate further.
  • Self Promo: We welcome the self-promo of suitable content, in our self-promo channel, however we ask you to not promote your streams while we’re live. We also reserve the right to remove promos if we feel it is spammy or goes against our core values on tech.

Twitch Specific Rules

Enforcement of Rules

Our communities are governed by The Moderation Federation. This is a team of trusted individuals that is steered by The Crossed Wires Team, James Bilsbrough and Jae Bloom; this team works to enforce the rules of our community. If you wish to raise a concern with the team, please email [email protected], ask in Twitch chat, or use the ModMail bot in Discord to get our attention. We will take great care to read every submission.

Reporting Harassment of Jae

Jae gets a lot of harassment, if you ever see her in a "Troll Compilation" or something being used for harassment, please email [email protected] as she needs to know to protect herself if someone is doing something awful.

Unban Requests

You can appeal a ban via [email protected]. It is up to the discretion of The Crossed Wires Team and The Moderation Federation on whether an unban request will be allowed or denied.


If you can be kind and respectful you are welcome in our community.