James and Alex recording this episode

Charging Status: October 2022

The first episode of our brand new monthly show in partnership with Alex from The Interface. We take a UK focussed look at the latest EV and charging news from the previous month, September 2022.
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Show Notes

Alex and I sat down to kick off our new show, focusing on the electric vehicle and charging news for the UK.

This is a show where we really want to hear from you, so do leave your comments below, email us at [email protected] or start a discussion in Goodpods.

Episode Links

Chapter Times

  1. 00:00:09: Welcome
  2. 00:02:23: The Sound And Sight Of EVs
  3. 00:05:05: Skoda’s New Fabia Sized EV
  4. 00:07:51: Ford See Huge EV Growth
  5. 00:10:18: Vauxhall Launch GSE Sporty EV Brand
  6. 00:11:56: Who’s Not Doing EV?
  7. 00:13:49: Volkswagen ID Buzz Expansion
  8. 00:17:03: Volvo EX90
  9. 00:21:02: Charging And The Cost Of Living Crisis
  10. 00:22:57: Public Charging Availability & VAT
  11. 00:26:45: Tesla Pass 1000 UK & Ireland Superchargers
  12. 00:30:05: Charging Expansion
  13. 00:37:01: Test Drive: Honda E
  14. 00:48:05: Wrapping Up


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