Episode 029

Chips In Everything


1 November 2018

1 hr 23 mins 31 secs

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Recorded on Sunday 28th October, 2018

James and Oli discover the real story behind the Chinese chips in all the servers, or at least discuss the claims made by Bloomberg about SuperMicro's server boards. We also look at: the impact the iPod has had on listening to music and listening to sermons online, how a new device may help parents with gaming addiction, and we delve into the code of ethics for the SQLite project that caused a little bit of a stir online.

Also, we have some great listener feedback from Paul and reveal the answers to our music quiz from the last episode. Of course, we want to hear from you about all the topics we discussed in this episode, and do send over any WiFi related questions you have for an upcoming Short Circuits.

We hope you enjoy this episode, please send over your feedback and leave us a review in iTunes if you like what you hear.

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