Episode 020


1 February 2018

1 hr 32 mins 52 secs

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In our latest episode we actually have some up-to-date news and cover the recent Meltdown & Spectre CPU flaws as well as talking about the iPhone battery performance throttling issues, and the cool stuff from CES.

You’ll also get to hear a bit about our new ‘studio’ setup, here Benjamin rant about iPhone cables. Our ethics theme this month focuses on the honesty of tech companies.

As a bonus, this is the first episode of Crossed Wires to have embedded chapter markers. Please do let us know if you find them helpful, they do add some time to production but we’re happy to do this if people use them.

As always, send us your feedback on the episode to [email protected] and please leave us a lovely rating and review in your podcast marketplace of choice.

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